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ICYMI: Democrat Civil War Now In The Open: “Brazile’s revelations stir confusion, anger among Democrats”

The headline from The Hill does not tell the whole story.

Brazile’s revelations stir confusion, anger among Democrats

Inside the story, this line told much more:

“Some Democrats are calling for party reform, while others are downplaying Brazile’s account.”

The plain truth is that the Democrat Party is in the midst of a civil war – a fight for its identity and its future.  The old guard rigged the 2016 nomination in favor of Hillary Clinton.  Indeed, they banked everything on her victory at the expense of many other candidates.  In the aftermath of the loss, on top of the many lost seats of the Obama Presidency, many Democrats want to move past the Clintons.  Donna Brazile’s book has made that more than acceptable to do.

So where should they turn?  To youth? or ideology?

Clearly, the supporters of Bernie Sanders would argue that ideology trumps age. Senator Elizabeth Warren would come down in the middle – demanding a more pure ideology in the form of someone younger, like herself. Others want to go as young as freshman Senator Kamala Harris.

Only time will tell.  2019 is still a ways away and much can happen between now and then.

Even so, don’t count out the Democrat establishment altogether – especially since it is Joe Biden that insiders say has made up his mind to run for President.


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