Bed, Bath, and Wokeness

Mike Lindell Is an American success story and a praise report you could say he is an anointed man. What Bed, Bath & Beyond did goes beyond intolerance. The same goes for all the wokies who canceled his products in their stores, you were wrong! You are wrong to do such an ugly thing! Tolerance & coexistence are the bedrock of our society. Many will see this story and draw their own conclusions. These will range from an angry stockholder got into the deep depression of the victim to those who shrug and move on. Yes all are ways the sad incident may have happened. A suicide is always a sad thing, when a corporate exec decides to jump from a tall building, it is unpleasant.

But please explain the how some will see this as a lightening strike! You know the same lightening that struck the George Floyd mural and totally completely destroying it with a flash of light so bright many said they had never seen that bright before! Meteorologists said the power of that lightening bolt was more powerful than any lightening recorded before it and even with phenomenal information and eye witnesses. There are those who will see that lightening stirke and this lightening strike as mere coincidence. But there will be some who know better…

Condolences to his family and friends, no one should lose a loved one in this way. Let us all in our own ways pray for him, pray for all who may be in a similar place 🙏 let us pray that God will forgive us all as we treat each other clearly outside the will of God. Let us pray God will forgive us as His son did ask Him, for we know not what we do, Amen.

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