California is at it again - crusading for the world.  The question is - at what cost? In my latest in Forbes, we find out. A CA Sanctuary State: But What is California Doing For Its Own

The Obama Iran deal is a failure - a short and long term failure. As I argued in the Washington Times at the time, the cash infusion allowed Iran to make military gains on the ground

The world knows that Congressional Republicans have yet to provide a better framework for the American Healthcare system.  That failure carries a considerable number of risks for people: Many Americans will be left with only

The laws of economics always indicated that the political law of Obamacare was never going to work. As the Chicago Tribune wrote in 2016, Obamacare failed because it flunked Economics 101 and Human Nature 101. So what does

Our October Newsmaker is Buzz Patterson. Lieutenant Colonel Robert "Buzz" Patterson, United States Air Force (Retired), is a military combat pilot, distinguished White House military aide, bestselling author, leadership consultant, popular public speaker and commercial airline pilot.

Tax reform is on the agenda and, of course, there are those who would use the issue to promote their political class-warfare agenda. One of the chief political attacks is that tax cuts are for the

It is no secret that the United States needs reliable allies in the Middle East. Israel, our closest ally in the region, stands largely alone in its long standing and reliable friendship. Israel is a

Media Bias. As we know, the Major Media stories about the Trump Administration have been almost uniformly negative. As a result, many stories like the improving economy are ignored by the Media.  That uniform negativity affects

Democracies and Republics rely on the ballot box to choose their representatives. Before and after those choices, however, there is what might be called a Second Ballot.  That Second Ballot is cast by donors.  Those

Tax Relief - it's the single most important policy issue of the day.  If Congress and the President get it right, it will improve the lives of everyone and even make it easier to fix