You can judge the effectiveness of speech by the actions of a President's adversaries.  Last night, the Democrats painted a sour picture on national TV in response to Trump State of the Union. Why would they

In 1983, David Oshinsky’s book hit the stores.  It detailed the life Joseph McCarthy and his fight against communism. The title reflected McCarthy’s deeply held belief about the size of the communist conspiracy, from Russia, that is pleased to present PV's Exclusive Newsmaker Interview: Judge Steven Bailey for CA Attorney General 2018 [caption id="attachment_5639" align="alignleft" width="269"] Steven Bailey (R), candidate for California Attorney General in Sacramento, Monday, October 30, 2017. Photo Brian Baer[/caption] Key

Do you trust the FBI?  Do you trust the Department of Justice? For years the Left told America to Question Authority.  Now, however, as Michael Goodwin puts it "Evidence Suggests a Massive Scandal Is Brewing at

Do you go on Facebook?  Twitter.  How about Reddit?  If you do, you have been victimized and its likely getting worse by the day. We all know about the big social media platforms: Facebook and Twitter.

PV's Exclusive Newsmaker Interview: Eric Early, Republican Candidate for California Attorney General 2018 Key Endorsements:  Republican Senate Leader Pat Bates, Senator Joel Anderson Question No. 1. What do you view the role of Attorney General to be? Eric Early: I

The American Media speaks in apocalyptic terms about Trump, America and the World. Trump is unacceptable to them and his policies are destroying the Country if not the world. It may well be, however, that many Americans

The California political landscape was rocked recently by the announcement that two long-term Republican Congressmen will not be running for re-election this year. Southern California Congressmen Darrel Issa and Ed Royce will be returning to

Imagine if we had a normal presidency.  Actually, that may not be a good idea - the last several presidencies have had weak performing economies.  Now we have this. "A recent Quinnipiac poll found that two

This is Part l of a two part series. The new word of the week accurately describes California. Despite so-called “progressives” promising their policies will create a Soviet-style worker’s paradise, California's leftist Democrats have turned the once