PV's Exclusive New Year's Newsmaker Interview: Steven Greenhut and Katy Grimes on What Lies Ahead for California in 2018 The New Year is here and Politicalvanguard.com Publisher Tom Del Beccaro sat down with Katy Grimes and Steven Greenhut to

Chad Mayes used to be the Republican Assembly Leader in California.  He was dumped from power for siding with the Democrats on cap and trade.  He delivered 8 Republicans votes for the bill - two

On the campaign trail last year candidate Donald Trump decried the tendency of the US to give money to countries that harm American national interests and those of our allies. The President is making good

He admitted it. Obama said he was not a king when it came to the failed immigration reform legislation coming out of the Senate.  He signed the Executive Order anyway. The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services is now

You have heard it many times - but it doesn't exist.  There is no such thing as trickle down economics. It is a pejorative attack on work and savings - indeed on capitalism in general. My latest

ABSTRACT: In California, decades of progressive policies have created a society in which the well-connected prosper, entrepreneurship is discouraged, and immigrants face government-imposed barriers to achieving the American Dream. Yet Californians—and even more frequently, Hispanic

Voters legalized pot several years ago in Colorado and Washington State.  They were promised increased tax revenue increases and better-educated children for their vote. For the love of money and claims of liberty, disasters are