At President Trump’s ‘listening session’ last week at the White House, parents, students and educators came together to offer ideas on how to prevent the next disastrous school massacre. D.C. educators spoke of using metal detectors

Ah, check the pantry for popcorn, this will be good. There is a lot of material on this fella. Democrat Terry McAuliffe said he would be the party's best choice to "take on" President Donald Trump

Have you ever agreed to disagree with a close friend? Or a spouse? If you have, presumably it was because you valued the relationship more than the issue.  So you agree not to force your view

North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Un has very nearly run out of money. South Korean political figure Kang Seok-ho, of the Liberty Korea Party, cited intelligence that Un’s hard currency reserves will be depleted by

As new information surfaces daily on the broken-ness that led up to the school shooting in Parkland, Florida, shock and disgust along with sadness continues to permeate across the nation. Not only have we been told,

Are Psychiatrists Prescribing the Smoking Gun That Fuels The Fire? This Florida mass shooting incident by yet another “troubled teen”, namely Nick Cruz, has awakened the investigative reporter and behavior analyst in me. In the last

Remember when Hillary deleted over 33,000 emails claiming there weren't work related even though they were subject to subpoena and a State Department request to hand them over?  Remember when she wiped her computer server

Life just got real for hundreds of students at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida. 17 families did not welcome their child home yesterday afterschool. A loving coach stood in the path of bullets to protect his students and

California Governor Jerry Brown boldly championed an unabashedly liberal agenda throughout his 16th—and final—State of the State address. The governor declared, “California is prospering,” a stark turnaround from the economic mayhem of the Great Recession

The worst of American policies over the last fifty years has been our energy policies.  Until recently, we denied the use of our own energy and enriched the Middle East and the Soviet Union.  That