How Gun Rights Highlight The Divided Era

Have you ever agreed to disagree with a close friend? Or a spouse?

If you have, presumably it was because you valued the relationship more than the issue.  So you agree not to force your view on the other.

That is not how government works.

Government often decides issues.  It picks winners and losers – and the losers are just as often not very happy about it.  The more government does that, the more divided America becomes – it is actually mathematical in nature.  Just imagine if in your relationship you decided all issues.  Would you still have that relationship?

Abortion.  Immigration.  Gun control. For decades now those issues have evaded national agreement – largely because the issues tend to have no middle ground by their nature.

In 2018, will there be major legislation on gun control?  If  there is, it will be a departure from past.

In the past, the fight over the issue that has helped Republicans – especially in some swing districts.

Will it again? It is difficult to predict in the age of mass media. What will be true is that the issue and the process will raise voter intensity.

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The Divided Era

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