The U.S. Senate The Midterms are almost here. Who will control the House is still too close to call. That likely is not the case for the U.S. Senate. Currently, the Senate is comprised of 51 Republicans,

The House of Representatives is in play and California could be where the final battle is fought. Read why in Thomas Del Beccaro's latest in the Epoch Times: Is California Key to Democrats’ Hope to Take the

With so much on the line, there is considerable excitement about the 2018 midterms. On November 6th, voters will go to the polls to determine who controls the two houses of Congress and thus, what

My latest in the Washington Examiner . . . In politics, you fight over what matters. The more something matters, the bigger the fight. Since President Franklin Roosevelt in the 1930s, the Supreme Court has mattered

Here is a quick synopsis of the November 2018 California Ballot Initiatives. Ballotpedia has much more detailed information at the links for each initiative. Proposition 1 and Prop. 2 are masquerading as initiatives helping the homeless. Buyer Beware! Proposition

On Kavanaugh and What Republicans should do before the Midterms 1. Why Kavanaugh not Gorsuch? Gorsuch replaced the conservative Scalia. When the conservative Judge Clarence Thomas was proposed to replace the liberal Thurgood Marshall, there was an

PV's Exclusive Newsmaker Interview: Konstantinos Roditis Question No. 1. Why are you running for Controller? Konstantinos Roditis: I’m running for Controller because the Controller is supposed to be the Chief Taxpayer Watchdog for the state. Unfortunately, the

With all due respect to many fellow conservative commentators, let me say this: Stop it.  See the movie, then tell me what you think. The flap over the new “First Man” film went viral before anyone knew

She’s a deeply troubled and fragile woman. She was definitely victimized somehow, somewhere at sometime. The people she claimed were at the party, the attack at which she cites as the sole source of her