5 questions for Konstantinos Roditis – Running For Controller 2018

PV’s Exclusive Newsmaker Interview: Konstantinos Roditis

Question No. 1. Why are you running for Controller?

Konstantinos Roditis:
I’m running for Controller because the Controller is supposed to be the Chief Taxpayer Watchdog for the state. Unfortunately, the Controller has refused to audit projects like the High-Speed Rail. From the state’s share of the initial $9.95 billion bond, now up to $98.1 billion to California taxpayers and the train no longer being High-Speed, I think it is unconscionable that the Controller has not audited this project.

Question No. 2. What would be your priorities if you were elected?

Konstantinos Roditis:
My top priority is not only to audit the High-Speed Rail but defund it. Prop 1A which was the authorizing agent for the High-Speed Rail mandated that 1/3 of funding would come from the state, 1/3 from the federal government, and 1/3 from the private sector. Since California taxpayers are the only ones funding this project, it fails to comply with Prop 1A so I will be withholding payments until this project complies with Prop 1A.

My second priority is to audit CalTrans. California is so wasteful with our infrastructure funds that we get far less for our funds than other states. The Reason Foundation report shows for every $1 spent in the other 49 states to maintain one mile of highway California state government spends up to $4.70 for the same mile – that’s a 470% cost inefficiency factor.

Overall, my priorities are to expand audits and investigations on how taxpayer dollars are spent. I want to find and root out waste, fraud, and abuse. The Controller’s main duty is to protect the taxpayer, and I intend to do that.

Question No. 3. I see you have been traveling the state, what have you been hearing from voters?

Konstantinos Roditis:
Most people believe that Sacramento has become overbearing and out-of-touch with everyday Californians. They believe that government isn’t working for them but for special interests, unions, and corporations. I wholeheartedly agree with them and to make sure they know I am different, I have pledged not to take lobbyist, PAC, union, corporate, or special interest money. I will be the Chief Taxpayer Watchdog California desperately needs. A Controller for the People. Knowing I made it to the top-two in a jungle primary and am the top Republican vote-getter in the United States thus far in 2018, gives them hope that a principled candidate for the people can win and bring real representation to the people.

Question No. 4. What’s the main difference between you and your opponent?

Konstantinos Roditis:
I believe the main difference is my desire to represent the people and their interests, not special interests, unions, and corporations. The incumbent has raised approximately two million dollars mostly from these groups. So it is no surprise in my opinion why she hasn’t audited the High-Speed Rail because she is beholden to these groups. I’m only beholden to the people, and I plan on protecting them and not turning a blind eye to the waste, fraud, and abuse that is rampant in Sacramento.

Question No. 5. What is your background and has prepared you for Controller?

Konstantinos Roditis:
After graduation for UCSD with a degree in Political Science/International Relations and having worked in a non-partisan government reform think tank I began working as an auditor and compliance coordinator for a mortgage company before the housing crisis in 2008. With my audits, I saw the looming crash ahead and left the industry before the crash and began my journey as an entrepreneur and began establishing new companies. So for the past thirteen years, I have been a CEO and CFO of multiple different and successful corporations. I plan on taking that knowledge and applying it to the Controllers office. Since the Controller is the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of California, doesn’t it makes sense to have a Chief Financial Officer and visionary businessman that understands economics, fiscal responsibility, and balancing a budget as your next Controller, instead of a lifelong bureaucrat? I believe so, and I believe that is why I will be a better Controller than the incumbent.

Endorsement List:
I don’t really keep up with all the endorsements that people or groups have given to me. Here are some the link to my endorsements.

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