Michael Cohen has testified before Congress. America has now seen the very worst of what an attorney can be. His wanton breach of ethics has harmed not only the profession but, more importantly, the Americans it is meant to serve. Read

In the State of the Union (SOTU) President Trump addressed a key security concern of his administration: strategic defense. Nuclear weapons have been used for many years to deter aggression by other nuclear powers. Russia has recently issued

Konstantinos Roditis ran for Controller for the State of California in November of 2018 as a Republican. He is now Vice Chairman of Reform California. He wrote this article as a retrospective on

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez doesn’t think Amazon should get special treatment. Amazon doesn’t want to be bothered by politicians. Both of them are right, but neither of them have the answer – common sense, however, does. Read more by clicking

Back in 2004, Dan Rather issued an apology regarding the story he concocted over the military service of G.W. Bush. He said it was a "mistake in judgement."  Do you remember his apology?  And so it began .

President Trump’s recent State of the Union speech (SOTU) elucidated a very different political landscape than the one that prevailed just a few years ago. Today, it is the Democrats who are “conservative,” in that

Socialism. Perhaps the most telling moment of President Trump’s State of the Union was his rejection of socialism. The Republicans stood and applauded while most of the Democrats just sat and stared. Did they really just signal to

Much has been written and testimony given about how China steals state secrets.   It steals by all means available in what is termed, industrial espionage. The Justice Department has prosecuted numerous Chinese spies and other operatives

The Democrats are caught up in quite the political maelstrom. Prominent Democrat officials were caught doing something decades ago for which they are being pushed to resign now. If that's the case, Chuck Schumer should

With the economy doing quite well, the president wants more of the same policies. Many Democrats, on the other hand, are proposing the largest-ever government expansion in dollar terms -- a demand completely out of step with the