Invented Stories: Part of Every Day News – by Denise Simon

Back in 2004, Dan Rather issued an apology regarding the story he concocted over the military service of G.W. Bush. He said it was a “mistake in judgement.”  Do you remember his apology? 

And so it began . . . invented stories by Democrats and the news media. 

In no special order or timeline, there are fabricated stories or scandals aplenty that should be remembered. 

  • Eric Holder: ‘When did you first learn about Fast and Furious?’ – Oh, maybe a few weeks ago. Wink. Wink.
  • The attacks on the two compounds in Benghazi were due to an inflammatory YouTube video.
  • Obama told the nation that the Federal government does not spy on Americans. (Fox correspondent James Rosen, Associated Press and Sharyl Attkisson did take exception to that claim with evidence). 
  • The Ft. Hood shooter, Major Nidal Hassan, that killed 13 people and wounded 32 others was ‘workplace violence’ as described by President Obama.
  • For at least 5 years, all blame, including the budget deficits, was placed on President G. W. Bush and the media followed right along with the Obama White House.
  • Obama told us there was not a smidgen of corruption behind the IRS targeting program. Yet, in 2018, a $3.5 million settlement was paid out to those conservative organizations. 
  • How about that moment when Hillary told us her server was only for personal use that contained communications wedding plans, family vacations and yoga routines? Anyone in the liberal media research that for confirmation? 
  • There were NO side deals regarding the JCPOA, the Iranian nuclear deal. Then we found out there were two side deals that were never even revealed to Congress. One dealt with verification and the Parchin military complex. Even the Washington Post reported that story because it was summarized by conservative Marc Thiessen of the American Enterprise Institute. Oh yeah, Obama gave the deal to the United Nations for approval rather than Congress. 

There are many more such as: if you like your doctor, the Duke Lacrosse case or the no corruption in the matter of the Haiti earthquake and the Clinton(s) – emails on Hillary’s server prove otherwise. 

Of course, there was the whole fabricated mobilized activist operation against Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh. Then we have that old story about Hillary landing under sniper fire in Bosnia and most recently, the Jussie Smollett fiction. 

Meanwhile, the Democrats have collectively claimed the matter at our Southern border (due in part to the numerous caravans, human trafficking, drug cartels and detention) is nothing more than a political stunt. In fact, 2020 presidential candidate Kamala Harris (D-CA) calls it a ‘medieval vanity project.’ 

In other words, where there is a crisis that is real it is flattened by the Democrats and that pesky Praetorian Guard, known as the Media that help the Democrats. 

Back to the fabrications – exactly who is fabricating what anyway? How about that fabricated story about regarding the Covington Catholic High School boys in Washington DC? 

The Clintons got beyond the White House scandals and the Whitewater mess. They are masters at it. So, when it comes to mobilizing operatives in key agencies like the FBI and Andrew McCabe or that law firm Perkins Coie for the covert operation of the Trump dossier, words like fabrication, hatch, ploy, devise, plot, concoct or brew all seem to apply to the Democrats and the media…..lies, partial truths, omissions and un-asked questions are all part of the invented news stories of everyday life. 

Just refer to Scott Pelly of CBS and consider what he never asked Andrew McCabe in that 60 Minutes interview. Heck maybe Jussie knows…

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