The Conservative Party (Tory) leadership race has concluded. Brash and unapologetic Boris Johnson won the contest. As the new Prime Minister names his cabinet and sets his policy what can we expect from the Boris Johnson government? Boris

Robert Mueller took the special counsel’s job in an era of great political division. As Mueller said in his congressional testimony on Wednesday, it was a “unique circumstance.” Sadly, if not gravely, for the country, Mueller not only

Why? Syrian refugees must go home. Why? Economic decline. The largest refugee population in the world is located in Turkey, especially in Istanbul. Turkey is the first stop for refugees from Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria.

The post-debate polls are out and former Vice President Joe Biden is ahead of second-place Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., by 19 points according to a recent Harvard/Harris poll. Wait, according to the Quinnipiac poll, Biden only has a two-point

Nothing is safe nowadays from the liberal political correctness and identity politics, not even a classic kids movie. This past week, Disney announced the actress cast as The Little Mermaid in the live action remake due

Both Democrat debates are in the books. We can argue over who won and who lost, who helped themselves and who didn’t. More importantly, however, the debates cemented that 2020 will be the most divisive election in over a