The Left Refuses to Shame Turkey

Why? Syrian refugees must go home. Why? Economic decline. The largest refugee population in the world is located in Turkey, especially in Istanbul. Turkey is the first stop for refugees from Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria. 3.6 million Refugees is a scary number right? That volume quickly becomes a human condition crisis, which is precisely what the United States has currently due to the years of migrant flows from our own Southern border.

Europe could not handle that migrant flow of the past years and came to a collective agreement with Turkey to stop the movement into Europe. So, Turkey is in an intolerable condition. Yet, the Left refuses to mention this crisis located in Europe and Turkey and the Left refuses to solve the issue in Congress manifesting in the United States. Rather the same description is applied when it comes to the Islamic State battlefields of Iraq and Syria….do nothing until the outrage and dead become a human catastrophe. At least Europe said stop to the migrant flow but the Left in the United States refuses.

While there is little outrage about the increase in the debt ceiling and spending where the proposal is $320 billion, Trump will be forced to sign it, otherwise there will be a government shutdown. So, President Trump has proposed a rule that could remove 3 million people from food stamps. This actually is a rule to close a loophole where states automatically enroll residents for food stamps if they are receiving other welfare benefits. Critics in Congress are outraged because this proposed new rule circumvents Congress. This new scrutiny could possibly save the taxpayer $2.5 billion annually.

That should be great news for sure.

When it comes to other economic issues in the United States so corrections can be made to this asylee, refugee, migrant crisis, there are many other areas to address.

How about the following federal expenses for your consideration due to illegal immigration? (FAIR data, 2017)

  • Education $1.69 billion
  • Welfare $5.85 billion
  • Medical $17.14 billion
  • Law Enforcement $13.15 billion
  • Other $8.04 billion (grants, improper payments, administrative, legislative, research)

There are dueling arguments in Congress that include hearings over a budget request of $4.5 billion to deal with immediate issues related to epic numbers of immigrant flow into the United States especially dealing with detention, the human condition and even eliminating the whole Federal agency known as the Department of Homeland Security. We have seen Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi team up to declare the matter of ICE and Customs and Border Patrol dealings at the Southern border as a manufactured crisis to well, it is such a crisis that people are drinking out of toilets. Both of those accusations were finally declared as false accusations.

The solutions have been proposed and offered to Congress from those that have studied the issues for decades and worked the front lines of this crisis. Yet, while Europe and Turkey have settled in on stopping their own calamities of illegals and migrants, we here in the United States still fight against each other. The lessons are there from across the globe and the Left has refused to attend class. By the way, this immigration matter is not all just about money and policy, it includes the activist court system and outside special interest organizations all operating under the mantle of social justice.

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