2020 Vision: Stealing An Election

On election night, it became clear the Donald Trump had won a second term as President. The results showed he had commanding leads in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin. Georgia and North Carolina were already won, and he was closing the gap in Arizona. Then, suddenly, surreally, counting was halted.

Why? Why would counting ever be halted? When results were reported again those commanding leads inexplicably receded to slight leads for former Vice President Joe Biden. Donald Trump clearly won reelection and there was a late hour effort to insert fraudulent ballots. There can be no other explanation. The entire “mail in ballot” scheme was an attempt to alter the rules and upset the democratic result. Now, we must stand behind the President while he pursues legal action against the attempted theft of the election.

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Changing the Rules

In every election, we have had some absentee ballots submitted. In recent years these have climbed to be more than a third of the votes cast, in some localities about half. But an absentee ballot must be requested by a legal, registered voter. They must fill out the ballot correctly and sign the envelope. The signature must match that on record with election officials. Voters who turn up on election day must be on the list for their precinct and then they are given a ballot. No one is permitted to vote after election day. If absentee ballots are postmarked on election day they can be counted. But if afterward or if for some reason the postmark is unclear, they cannot be counted. That was how elections were conducted; until 2020.

For the 2020 election the rules changed entirely. In many states ballots were mailed to every registered voter. There was no consideration of voters who might have moved, died, or are otherwise no longer at the address on record. Signature verification is no longer required. Ballots can be included even if postmarks are unclear. This and the hounding of people on social media was an important step toward stealing the election, turning out larger numbers of voters who would not otherwise bother to vote but who are compelled to vote and for just the right candidate.

The polls were another tactic. Polls reported the ridiculous. Texas and Georgia were in Biden’s camp. There was a strong lead in Florida and Pennsylvania. We all knew these predictions of a landslide for Vice President Biden were comically ridiculous. Yet, the media published them and pushed them out to try to intimidate Trump supporters and discourage us.

Then there was election night. The President had a clear win and then ballot dumps arrived that were entirely for Biden causing the President’s leads to evaporate. The mail in voting and social media effort made the election slightly closer than it should have been, making the fraud easier to perpetrate. Then, the polls with their outlandish predictions gave cover to the idea that the Vice President had any hope of winning. Now, with the results fudged, we are all supposed to sit down and allow the election to be stolen. This situation has passed from the surreal to the macabre.

The President Did Not Lose

Joe Biden over performed Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton in four conveniently located cities: Milwaukee, Detroit, Philadelphia, and Atlanta; all hotbeds of Democrat corruption. All states that found excuses to halt and delay counting. The ballot dumps of hundreds of thousands of votes that were 100% for Biden were obvious and easily spotted. Of course, when the courts begin to expose this fact the Democrats and the media will claim the Trump is stealing the election, there is a “white nationalist” conspiracy, and then they will cue the riots and chaos.

The most ridiculous component of the plan is the media “calling” the race. It matters nothing at all whom Fox News projects as the winner. I can offer my opinion of said projections, and I have. I can project this year’s Super Bowl winner too, but that will be decided on the field in the post season. Only the vote totals matter. Thus, Joe Biden is acting the pretender to the White House even as we all know Donald Trump was legally reelected.

But the results are not even consistent with reality. The GOP had an excellent night on Tuesday. In what should have been a long shot, the GOP retained control of the Senate gaining one seat and losing two. In fact, John James was winning before the “fix” in Michigan which meant no change in the Senate majority. The GOP is gaining seats in the House of Representatives. The Democrat Majority in the House will be so slim it is not clear whether Nancy Pelosi will be able to keep her job as speaker. In state and local elections the GOP did unexpectedly well. President Trump received 71 million legal votes, 8 million more than in 2016 and highest number for a sitting president in history. Yet, we are told we must suspend our disbelief that Donald Trump did not win reelection.

There are even now literally thousands of incidents recorded and hundreds of affidavits filed in the states in question. Which certainly casts doubts upon the result. Lin Wood, famous for defending the Covington High School student who was harassed by the media, has also joined the President’s legal team citing irregularities. The Epoch times catalogued many irregularities here.

Everything on election day went exactly according to my analysis in pre-election articles until the counting was stopped. Trump was behind in Arizona, which I anticipated he would ultimately win, the only one of my predictions that was even in jeopardy. Thus, I called the race for Donald Trump assuming that if he won either one of Michigan or Pennsylvania he would prevail. That prediction carries no less weight than the predictions of Fox News or other media outlets. The fact remains, Trump voters believe this election was stolen.

Former Vice President Joe Biden gives a premature election victory speech.

Post-Election Scenarios

Two scenarios confront us now: in one the courts will invalidate late and fraudulent ballots permitting our country to correct its corrupt election system once and for all. The President’s legal team, headed by no less a figure than Rudy Giuliani, has filed a plethora of suits in several states. The fraud was blatant and should not be difficult to prove. Then Donald Trump will prevail in the Electoral Votes and will serve his second term. The riots and chaos will result naturally. The left would never permit us the dignity of admitting we won fair and square. In their eyes, they stole it fair and square. Their hatred of Donald Trump blinds those on the left to any question of moral correctness. But, in this scenario, Trump would serve his second term.

While many Trump voters are also frustrated with the Republican Party for failing to back him, some key leaders are supporting the President’s efforts to expose voter fraud.

Where the election stood Tuesday night before counting was halted.

The second scenario is a dubious and nightmarish one. It is as much a nightmare for Democrats as it is for Republicans and Trump supporters. With control of the Senate the GOP can block every judicial nominee, refuse cabinet secretaries, shut down the government at will by failing to pass spending resolutions, and refuse to allow the President to alter trade deals negotiated by President Trump. With the House majority so close, it is not clear the extent to which Democrats will be able to maintain party discipline. The GOP should be able to hamper their efforts to control the legislative process. In 2022 the GOP will sweep into the House Majority and easily defend its Senate Majority. Oh, and in case you did not know, Donald Trump is already the front runner for the GOP nomination in 2024.

Half the country now feels legitimately bereaved that our champion was felled through the most insidious subterfuge… The half of the country that produces the food and energy and transports the same to the other half. This is a undesirable circumstance. The Biden Presidency, if it comes to pass, will be farce. A bad joke we will endure only for the sake of the rule of law. After all, we are not the people who throw tempter tantrums and burn down black neighborhoods, as the neo-Marxists do.

Be strong patriots. Stand by your President. Do not lose heart. Give the courts time to expose the fraud and have faith in the creator that justice will ultimately be meted out.

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