2020 Vision: Trump’s Path to Victory

With significant, and now blatantly obvious, election fraud, the results of the 2020 Election at this point must be set aside for a contingent election in the House of Representatives. It is an opportunity to scramble the media narrative and will create a greater opportunity to expose more Americans to the facts. Time is running out to address the fraud, and the courts alone cannot correct the situation. State legislatures must act now to appoint electors for a third candidate so that none of the candidates wins the electoral vote. Donald Trump is likely to win a contingent election in the House, providing a legitimate path to a second term. This is the time to act to preserve the legitimate institutions of our Republic.

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Election Fraud

In his speech after the election, which has been belittled or ignored by the media, President Trump laid out many examples of voter fraud: people receiving multiple mail-in ballots, people voting in multiple states, and dead people voting; these are just the tip of the iceberg. There are hundreds of thousands of illegal votes, tens of thousands each in swing states. Then there is the matter of hackable voting machines. Finally, there is the fact that Joe Biden owes his “win,” such as it is, to four statistically impossible ballot dumps in the wee hours of the Wednesday morning after the election. The improbability of these ballot dumps can be demonstrated visually in charts. When large ballot dumps, or reports of large numbers of votes counted, there is a margin between the candidates. Sometimes one candidate gains ground against the other. But it is not possible for ballot dumps to be entirely for one candidate. For a detailed statistical analysis and to see the origin of these charts, click the link above.

These ballot dumps also came after counting was stopped (why would counting ever be stopped?) and poll watchers (scrutineers) were sent home. It is illegal to count ballots when observers are not present to scrutinize the ballots and observe the counting process. So, now, when counting has supposedly been halted, when scrutineers are not present, this is when large numbers of ballots are counted that are marked almost entirely for Joe Biden? Many of these ballots were marked ONLY for Biden with no down-ballot votes. This is wholly indefensible voter fraud, even if circumstantial. Video evidence from Georgia showing counters pulling ballots out of suitcases to count, again after scrutineers have been sent away, is obvious evidence of fraud.

We are to believe that in one ballot dump in Michigan, for example, that of nearly 150,000 votes cast 96% were for Biden? In Pennsylvania we are to believe that one ballot dump of nearly 700,000 votes were 99.5% for Biden? The numbers of votes in these ballot dumps in all four states (Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin) were conveniently equal to the President’s election night margins of victory in each state. Are we to believe that nearly 100% of registered voters voted? That Biden under-performed Obama and Clinton in every urban centre except four strategically located cities in swing states wherein he is purported to have outperformed both magnificently?

A typical ballot dump is highlighted in blue, notice both candidates votes rise sharply, the dump favored Biden and brought the two closer together. In red is shown an a-typical ballot dump wherein almost all of the voted were for Biden and were conveniently just enough to erase the President’s lead.

Still, the media that is itself responsible for corrupting the election, persists in its strategy of denying voter fraud and deliberately portraying conservatives as crazy conspiracy theorists who cannot accept the results of a legitimate election, ergo their ridiculous projection of the election for Biden, social media censorship, and the effort suppress any information to the contrary. The behavior of the media and social media should in itself make everyone suspicious.

The anomalous ballot dump is even more obvious in Wisconsin.

Here lie the two primary impediments that need to be addressed: first proving the voting fraud, which has been made easier by the proliferation of evidence; and the failure of the media to report any of this information to the public. The strategy going forward must be to address both of these challenges at once. First, the fraudulent results of the election need to be undone, and second, a remedy must be sought that will turn the media narrative on its head. More time is necessary to expose a greater number of Americans to the facts. Yet, the electors are to cast their votes in less than a week. Nothing will make the media report the truth, but in forcing the media to stumble around to defend their narrative, the hypocrisy can be exposed leading more people to suspect the truth. How best can this be accomplished?

Ballot dumps in Michigan plotted by margin for each candidate. Those to the left of center are in favor of Trump, those to the right favor Biden. Notice several outliers, but especially the one highlighted in red. This is statistically impossible.

Seeking the Best Remedy

The best remedy for this situation is Contingent Election in the House of Representatives. To accomplish this the state legislatures in three or four of the contested states (worth at least 40 electoral votes) must appoint electors, for neither Biden nor Trump but for a third candidate or several (carefully chosen Trump allies). It is important that the electors be appointed, to avoid a technicality of the 12th Amendment that could impact the outcome, and that they appointed for neither candidate. Why? If the legislatures simply appoint electors for Trump, then the Democrats can contest the electoral vote count when the votes are counted before Congress on January 6th. There are also several legal challenges that can be raised to this approach. This approach is especially self-serving, it would appear to be a power grab on the President’s part and that is how the media would portray it. The optics are poor. Then cue the riots and violence in the streets, and the left will say Trump is a tyrant trying to cling to power. Under no circumstances can the President’s side hand to the would-be tyrants of the left any perception of the moral high ground.

If the electors are appointed for a third candidate, Vice President Mike Pence, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, Rudy Giuliani or other Trump ally, then none of the candidates will have a majority of the electoral votes. These legislatures were just reelected to act on behalf of the people of their respective states, their legitimacy cannot be so easily questioned. The Democrats in the House will certainly contest those votes when the counting begins in January, and they are welcome to do so, even if those votes are rejected the results are the same: Contingent Election in the House of Representatives. It will be easier to convince legislators to take this extraordinary step if they are not themselves changing the election results, per se, but are instead punting the matter to the House of Representatives while buying more time for further investigation of the election fraud.

With no candidate having a majority of the electors, there will be the last weeks of December and the first week of January wherein the media would be in quite a bind. Joe Biden’s purported status as “President-Elect” would be indefensible if the election is going to another round. The media would be stuck explaining to the American people over those weeks why legislatures were willing to take this extraordinary step when voter fraud allegations are “baseless” as they keep saying. The more they backpedal, the more Americans will have to suspect that there are being less than honest. Media trust is already at an all-time ebb.

In these weeks, the President and his team will have ample time showcase the fraud and explain, as has been explained several times already, why the election results had to be set aside because they were fraudulent. Not only does this approach buy more time to spread the word about election fraud, it also resets the results. Again, there is no president-elect when the election is not settled. It is likely that if state legislatures appoint their electors for Trump that Congress will dispute and probably reject them anyway when the votes are counted in January. In that event the election would proceed to Contingent Election as well.

in the meantime, President Trump can hold more rallies, press conferences, and he and his team can make more media appearances. The more people learn about the fraud, the greater the popular support for these extraordinary measures will be. This will make it easier for House Republicans to resist the pressure that will certainly fall on them from all quarters to abstain or vote for Biden.

2020 House of Representatives projected results thus far. Stripes represent flipped districts.

Contingent Election

Many people are under the false impression that since the Democrats have a majority of the House of Representatives overall, that this gives Joe Biden the advantage in a Contingent Election. When electing the President the House votes as state delegations a majority of the total number of states being necessary to elect a President. The Senate would also vote to elect the Vice President and Mike Pence would most likely prevail in that contingency election. In the past, the House would conduct the Contingent Election by having members meet in delegations and vote to decide their state’s vote. If every representative votes their party line, at the moment the GOP controls 27 state delegations (26 being necessary to elect the President), the Democrats control 20 delegations. There are 3 delegations that are evenly divided and would held to be abstentions. President Trump would win 27-20-3. The House may only consider the three candidates who won the greatest number of votes, so it is not as if the House could introduce a new candidate. This is also where that third candidate will need to be a Trump ally who bows out graciously.

It is true that if some Republicans abstain or vote for Biden they could hand the Democrats more states, this is unlikely to be enough to elect Biden President, however. To win, the Democrats must gain 6 more states. Three states have evenly divided delegations: Michigan, Minnesota, and Pennsylvania. Traditionally, states that had even votes abstained from the total vote. If any one member of these delegations from either party were to abstain or vote for the other party’s candidate, they could grant that candidate the state’s vote.

It is also possible that in state delegations with narrow Republican majorities one abstention each could cause a few more states to abstain or vote for Biden. Naturally, any such Republican defectors, would be finished in future electoral politics, but there will be pressure brought to bear from the media, leftwing interest groups, and the so called “Deep State” to abstain or vote against President Trump. Obviously, pressure from the GOP base and Trump’s supporters will be overwhelming.

In that they control a narrow majority, the Democrats will control the schedule, calendar, and rules for the proceedings. They can delay and try to manipulate the rules, but under intense national scrutiny there can be few true shenanigans. A long delay would not necessarily be in their best interests. In the event that no candidate is chosen before January 20th, the Vice President, again most likely Mike Pence, would act as President until a President is chosen by the House.

In all likelihood, President Trump would win a contingent election 27 states to 20 for Joe Biden. This provides him a legal, legitimate, constitutional election. It would also be difficult for the media to portray this election as a power grab or as resulting from a conspiracy theory. With several state legislatures backing the President and the House Republicans, it would be difficult to argue that the final result is illegitimate. Is it possible for Biden to win? It is not impossible, to be sure. Should he win in the House that would likewise be a legitimate and constitutional win that the right would be forced to respect as well. Of course, with Mike Pence as Vice President and Joe Biden’s mental health failing, it would not be too long before power transitions back to the right.

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