A Deliberate Food Shortage?

Good morning all, let me start my words by praying to our Father God and say; “Lord God, I will not strike the rock, I won’t strike the rock, though your people saddened and frustrated me in their natural state” It was given to me to speak things and over past several years after much spiritual growth (still a work in process). I have become swift and unabashed about speaking what I am given to speak, many times have my prophetic words come back with clear verification and all glory goes to the Lord God. Each prophetic word a milestone a count down and verification, I am no false prophet! I don’t even think of myself as one anyways, but for the naysayers I had to offer that.

In this prophetic count down I’ve warned if what the snare is, now it seems we are down to 3 or 4 months before the America we know will be gone! I was given to say “America in one loud voice must you declare whose you are and who you are and repent! Seek the lords forgiveness, grace, and favor! Amen! If we fail to do this, the America we know now will cease to exist and not come back in our life times…” Well I have patiently waited I said there was something. “Uber sketch about the Ukraine matter” even predicted the exact day Putin Would attack Ukraine. Listen to my show titled “The Future is Vlad The Impaler” spoke on an impending marooning of an American astronaut on a Russian spaceship before it was even possible to know this delimma would occur.

Just listen to my shows you’ll hear and learn much if you’re patient and listen from start to finish. Yet I couldn’t put my finger on it I just knew something about this “Conflict.” Isn’t right, isn’t what it seems to be and now the other shoe has dropped and now the hand of deceiver is tipped. The President of the Ukraine “PREDICTS” food shortages, this dread president Joe Biden “PREDICTS” Food shortages. It’s not the job of a leader to merely predict or speak on a problem, a true leader offers solutions and will not accept that their people must suffer an impending famine they offer solutions. With the world’s ability to produce food, natural or synthetic and food processing technology, food shortages should really be an anomaly. Such a world level incident couldn’t happen unless someone wanted it to happen; unless someone helped to make it happen.

Ladies and gentlemen, in the world I live in, there is no such things as coincidence! While this post may see me banned yet again, I offer you verification of my prophetic count down. Click the two links below and I pray you make the connections before it’s too late! “Lord God I will not strike the rock,” Amen!

Wall Street Journal Update
Food Crisis

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