The Nation was shocked when the news dropped of a leaked Supreme Court opinion draft regarding Roe v Wade. A truly  unprecedented occurrence. The Court has historically been seen as separate and above politics and

When Florida Governor DeSantis stood up to Disney over its opposition to the Florida  bill liberals have called “Don’t Say Gay,” conservatives cheered.  As someone who has criticized Disney’s woke politics for years (, even as

The Walt Disney Company is all over the news because of its public stance against the Florida Legislation signed by Governor DeSantis, falsely titled “Don’t Say Gay” Bill. Things escalated when videos from a Disney

*Photo Credit Boston Globe By now, everyone has heard about Will Smith and the slap heard round the world at the Oscar’s ceremony.  To say the least, it’s never ok to respond to words with physical violence,

There has been much talk about the recent Quinnipiac Poll, of which this question in particular was the focus: “If Americans were in the same position as Ukrainians are now, do you think that you would stay and fight or leave the

China’s role in the Ukraine conflict is a major factor that our leaders and media are all but ignoring. China may not be firing shots or rolling their own tanks into Ukraine, but they

 “Misinformation is Killing People…” claims the LA Times in their July 22nd article regarding COVID vaccinations.It’s not misinformation killing people, partisan politics is. We’re in an era where partisan politics has been at it’s absolute

After removing the 2021 MLB All-Star Game from Atlanta, due to the recently passed “controversial” election laws in Georgia, MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred announced the new location for the game - Coors Field, in Denver

Hollywood - That word alone has come to encompass many things. A city, an industry, a way of life, and more recently, a political ideology. Hollywood has become synonymous with Progressivism. Sadly, classic liberalism, that promotes

They say that everything is political nowadays. Featured image above CBS video screenshot Last night was the bombshell interview of (mostly) Meghan and Harry by Oprah Winfrey, where for two hours, Meghan and Harry unloaded on their