Tweedy: How the Supreme Court leak is part of Democrats “Win at any and all Cost” 2022 Strategy

The Nation was shocked when the news dropped of a leaked Supreme Court opinion draft regarding Roe v Wade. A truly  unprecedented occurrence. The Court has historically been seen as separate and above politics and those that work there know their duty to the rule of law above all else. In one moment, that all changed. 

This leak is not a surprise and should not be seen as such. Oh no, this was strategic.

I would not be surprised that in time we find out that this was not just one rogue  Supreme Court law clerk, but that many more were involved in a larger plan. I say this as someone not prone to conspiracy theories. It has already been reported today that the White House had a heads up on the story and it is not beyond the realm of possibility to think they knew even more, or at the very least, other powerful Democrats outside the Executive Branch knew more. 

What this shows is that the Democrats are desperate to keep power in any way they can.

If they have to undermine the Supreme Court and damage the Institution forever to do so, they will. If they have to divide the Nation with an ugly battle on a divisive issue, before there is even a final opinion, they will. This Party that ran on being the adults in the room after Trump, whose leader, President Biden, ran on being a unifier, reveals itself as anything but. 

The Democrats are facing a shellacking at the ballot box this coming November. They know it. President Biden has been an abject failure and is under water in the polls, even among minorities and women. It’s quite obvious that they can not win on the major issues facing Americans today, such as, the economy, foreign policy, or our southern border. No, they have made a mess of those issues. So, why not find any way to bring a divisive issue into the picture, one they think they can win on? 

Social issues is where Democrats thrive. They use fear and emotional politics to divide and conquer. A term I like to use called “emotional vomit” comes into play here. It is basically when emotion becomes fact, and that how you feel overrides reason. Democrats are good at pushing this. In fact, Senator Elizabeth Warren is a good example of just that the day after the news broke.  The leak from the Supreme Court is not a final decision and even if it was, it is not outlawing abortion, it is giving the power back to the States, where it belongs. But do not go getting into details and facts with Democrats, it is all about the emotional response they can spark from this leak. 

It was quite interesting how in minutes of the story about the leak, protesters were out in front of the Supreme Court. It may have been a surprise to some at how quick that evolved but not if this was all coordinated in advance. Democrat members of Congress wasted no time in releasing statements of outrage, but also calling for strategic measures. For example, Senator Bernie Sanders called for Congress to pass laws protecting abortion immediately. But that’s not all, he was already going a step further. He stated that if there was not a majority in the Senate in favor of this, that they then needed to end the filibuster. 

Oh the filibuster! Remember that issue from the 2020 elections? With the Democrats on the ropes, about to lose power, not only are they desperately trying to hold onto that power, they are ensuring that they can take drastic measures to pass their policies before November, just in case. 

There was no waiting for a final decision from the Supreme Court, as that could come too late to affect the midterm. This leak’s main purpose is to impact the midterm elections in favor of the Democrats. To get the attention off the real issues going on in the Nation, from inflation, to a plunging stock market, to the war in Ukraine that is heating up to a possible World conflict with Russia, and instead, onto an issue that the Democrats feel they can win on. Also with this leak, there is the hope that public outcry, which will most likely amount to protest, threats and even violence, will pressure the Supreme Court Justices into changing their decision. 

These are the Democrats that still want you to be outraged about January 6th, while they do more damage to our Nation and Institutions right under our nose, more than the guy in the Viking helmet could ever do. All the while the media gives them cover. 

My hope is that a majority of the American public will see through this charade and see it for what it is. That the real threats to American life right now will continue to be in focus and will be reflected at the ballot box, not be based on the underhanded schemes and power grabs of a Party desperate to hold onto their power in any way they can, and at any cost. 

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