Why Meghan & Harry Matter

They say that everything is political nowadays.

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Last night was the bombshell interview of (mostly) Meghan and Harry by Oprah Winfrey, where for two hours, Meghan and Harry unloaded on their own family, the British Royal Family. For many, especially here in America, the typical reaction is “who cares.” To many, the Royal Family and its drama is merely a soap opera in the midst of much greater and more important issues going on in this world, stuff for Tabloid gossip.

But is it just that?

Why should this issue with the Royal Family – a monarchy Americans fought to free ourselves from almost 250 years ago – matter to you? Because it speaks to a much larger issue going on right here in America today. In this interview we saw Meghan, a former B-list Hollywood actress, play the role of the victim perfectly and pathetically. She’s the quintessential progressive female who espouses the same type of Hollywood “values” that seems to destroy everything in their wake. Just a few minutes into the interview, and there it was – yep, the race card. 

Apparently, Meghan was mistreated because of her racial heritage. Her son wasn’t granted a “prince” title (which she claims to not care about) because he’s mixed race. Somehow it’s Race, that was the factor in why Meghan, Harry and their son were left unprotected (without a security detail paid for by the Royal Family), not the fact that they made a decision themselves to leave the role and responsibilities of Senior Royals. They seemed perplexed at the fact that they weren’t able to retain the perks of being Royals, while technically no longer being one. They didn’t seem to understand that once you leave a “job,” your “employer,” in this case the British taxpayers, usually don’t continue to bankroll your lifestyle. No, Meghan and Harry are entitled to such, and therefore they are “victims” of the system and, of course, racism.

Does this sound familiar? The victimhood, the entitlement, the lack of personal responsibility, and when one doesn’t get their way, out flies allegations of one of the -isms. There are a lot of theories and speculation as to Meghan’s motivations and agenda heading into this marriage, into a family she now claims she was naive about and knew nothing about. Can you blame her? Come on now, she’s not one of us ordinary folk who usually check out the person we are dating, and learn about their family, before marrying that said person. Meghan claims in the interview that she was silenced and that the transition was tough for her, as a woman who is outspoken and independent. Any woman with even the littlest bit of sense would know what marrying into the Royal Family means, and that if you value that independent outspokenness so much, you might want to opt-out of marrying a prince. 

Like the monarchy or not, the Royal Family today serves a greater purpose. It’s beyond personal ego, agenda or politics. It’s about putting the community and service to people of the United Kingdom (UK), and beyond, above all else. Their work isn’t done to promote their own personal fame or fortune or their own political persuasion. In fact, royals are supposed to stay out of politics, never endorse or criticize a candidate or political party.

They are supposed to be seen as impartial. Their work also isn’t done to profit off a brand and it isn’t done to gain a contract with Netflix. It’s truly about the group over the individual. Don’t like that? That’s fine. Then don’t marry into it. Harry was born into it, he didn’t have a choice, but Meghan did. Apparently though, Harry now realizes how he was trapped in the life he was born into, all thanks to Meghan, as exposed in the Oprah interview!
Meghan has portrayed herself as this educated, activist who now claims she didn’t know what she was getting into. If you believe that, I have a bridge to sell you. My take is, I think Meghan knew very well what she was getting into, but she felt she could change or revolutionize the royal family. She would change them, modernize them, LIBERALIZE them. The leftist media here in the United States (US) talked her up as such regularly, I guess it had to be a shock when she was criticized by the UK press. When that plan didn’t work out, she switched gears and instead attacked the Royal Family itself.

She never went into this marriage and into the Royal Family planning to become one of them, one of the group, one to serve the family and the people more than herself. She came to it with a personal and political agenda that she then turned on the Royal Family. Most importantly, she had the race card to pull when she needed it, and that was seen in this Oprah interview last night. She hasn’t been able to get her way, so now she’s gone nuclear.

In today’s cancel culture and political correctness, nothing destroys something faster than claims of racism. Little self proclaimed “naive” Meghan knows that. Her career has been in an industry that has been in the middle of cancel culture and political correctness for a long time. She has spoken in support of the radical agenda of Black Lives Matter (BLM). She’s an activist who has supported progressive causes and progressive politicians. Gone is the old saying, “If you can’t beat them, join them.” It’s now “If you can’t beat them, scream racism.”

What I do think is that, either deliberately or accidentally, there is a large effort on Meghan’s behalf to play the race narrative we see dividing the United States right now, one which aims to tear down or degrade anything looked at as a “white” institution, tradition or part of “white” history. 
The Royal Family is just the latest institution under attack. Trending on Twitter right now is #AbolishtheMonarchy. Left wing news sources are all over this, attacking the Royal Family. CNN headline: “Harry & Meghan Expose Palace Hypocrisy;” CNN: “It’s Devastating for the Royal Family;” LA Times: “Meghan Markle, Prince Harry Claim Royal Racism in Oprah Talk.” 

This is not a coincidence. So while most of us may not care about the inner workings and drama of these wealthy Royals, we all should care greatly about the bigger issues this situation represents. Issues that are right here in the US, dividing and undermining the very foundations of this Nation.

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