Bad Bunny A Kiss Too Far

Bad Bunny interrupts his performance at the MTV VMAs to kiss MALE and FEMALE backup dancers… after saying his sexuality does not ‘define’ him.

Excuse me?! Man what the Hello is going on here?! So, now up isn’t really up and down ain’t really down? It’s sideways?! Come on our kids are learning from these Jabronis or in this case JaBunny! Look we are known by our actions, one who paints is known as a painter, one who fights is known as a boxer, one who practices law in a court is known as a lawyer, one who uses instruments or the instrument of their voice is a singer or musician… I could go on and on with how our actions define who we are, just one more example if you will?

One who kisses arse is,,, that’s right you got it an arse kisser! I don’t know how to make sense of what is coming out of this rabbit’s hole, was this a stunt to grab headlines?! Or was he just kissing arse because this kind of behavior gets you more coverage? To say this gender bending act doesn’t define is disingenuous, could this be an act of misappropriation? After all the LGBTQXYZ123 crowd has gone through a lot of trouble defining the myriad of genders and sexual preferences they may not approve of this scene stealing or has a new rabbit been pulled out of the hat?! Is this a new addition? Is this the “I will kiss whatever or whoever I want and don’t call me nothing tribe?” All of this is to say nothing of sexually harassing one’s employees!

If a plane has two sets of wings we used to call that a Bi-Plane, you say it’s not a Bi-Plane anymore; oh my bad! So now it’s: “look up in the sky, is it a bird, it’s a plane, well it’s certainly something flying funny, it’s not a bird nor plane a woman or a man, it’s just little Ole me bad bunny.”

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