Ben & Jerry’s Shameful Antisemitism

Geneis 12:3 (NKJV) “If you bless them I will bless you, if you curse them I will curse you.” It is really straight forward.

Who knows what form the curse shall take! I for one am with any organization that bans their products. If Ben and Jerry can ban we can ban, freedom is the right of everyone. Ben & Jerry’s is acting on pure hatred. What would people be saying if the intended target of their hate were black? Or Hispanics do not even think of where Ben and Jerry’s would be if their intended target of refusal were LGBTQ!

This isn’t freedom, this isn’t even practicing their faith. This is raw naked partisan hatred. If we let this continue, there won’t be any ice cream left for anyone because soon someone will decide they don’t like you. Remember how it was when blacks couldn’t sit in the main lobby of a theater? Remember when blacks had to get their food from the rear of a business? Remember when women couldn’t have a their own credit cards? If we allow these petulant ridiculous clowns to inflict this emotional and psychological harm onto the Jewish people of Israel… Don’t ever call yourselves “Good people” again you are not!

Don’t hide this under the table by claiming it is a business choice while bakers have lost their livelihoods to ceaseless harassment. This isn’t just a business issue, its the same crap Joe Biden said when our Nation suffered Cyber attacks. So now evil is excusable? Everything is OK because the tech world wants to redefine what crime is? Redefine what Justice is? In the America I knew, we would have gone to war, certainly arrested Ben & Jerry, and allowed a little Jewish child to walk up to the counter and order herself one scoop of chunky monkey with her allowance. Don’t let America be perverted by the perverse…

America for this wrong against humanity, Ben and Jerry’s needs to feel the wrath of God and the lightening can come from your purses and wallets. Don’t let them think this is the new “Moral High Ground” it isn’t. This is nothing more than us breaking our promise to the world! Remember the promise we made to ourselves after millions suffered and died? We said “NEVER AGAIN!!” We have to mean it, now more than ever…

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