Breyer’s Retirement is a Sign of Desperation

Somewhere in the cobwebs of Chuck Schumer’s mind somewhere in the hollow parts of his soul, this man thinks this is good news. As Americans look on and we remember, we remember how nasty and dishonorable the democrats behaved and how almost inhumanely they treated Associate Justice Bret Kavanaugh and his family as they looked on at his confirmation hearing. Chuck Schumer in an act of Insurrection, made verbal threats against the safety of the SCOTUS simply because we they would not bend to his will. Now here he is acting like all is well… Why? Because he’s getting what he wants.

The Democrats seem to know their congressional majorities are doomed, that in November the American people are going to send they and their radical agenda packing. So, they need to hurry up and fill this seat on the SCOTUS in a hurry. Justice Breyer is the last of the many aging leftwing activist judges who have twisted and contorted the Constitution and the law to press the leftwing agenda. Naturally, the left is eager to keep the seat.

There are many reason why they should not behave like the monsters they do, but this moment right here serves as a backdrop for my point which is one of the biggest reason why we need civility in our body politic. Why? Because we remember that’s why…

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