Brittney Griner is a Disgrace to America

Look at this woman! She is Conditioned by the left, she disrespected her own Nation! Now leftists want us to use the might of this Nation to gain her release for the two wrongs she did?! I say let her serve as an example to other young people being pied pipered by the “woke:” you turn your back on your own country and you take drugs into of all places “Russia”?! If you won’t learn the right way, then by way of consequences you are going to learn!

Our Nation is flawed but it’s a pretty good place worthy of some minimum of patriotic respect. Now having said that, should America 🇺🇸 assist in some relief for this miscreant? Don’t let the media and the left make it seem like she’s deserving of it, no she’s not!! Yet despite how poorly she treated her own Nation and despite how badly she represented us abroad; if we assist it will be because we are a good people and a forgiving people. If we secure her return, I wonder if she will even say thank you…

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