Make no mistake — Gavin Newsom is running for president. He has led a gilded life and becomes more liberal with each passing day. Along the way, his policies have dangerously failed, and those failures

Boris Johnson has resigned as Prime Minister amid political scandal and directionless leadership. The contest to succeed him has begun. Who will be the next leader of the Conservatives (Tories) and what direction will they

With the preliminary report out on the Uvalde Texas incident, those officers should spare the people the pain of seeking their dismissal, they should resign and fade away. It would be an easy matter if

Look at this woman! She is Conditioned by the left, she disrespected her own Nation! Now leftists want us to use the might of this Nation to gain her release for the two wrongs she

[vc_row][vc_column][penci_text_block heading="Inside Israel News"] Netanyahu now has a path to victory in the upcoming elections, but it will still be close. Yair Lapid and the Change Bloc will struggle to earn enough seats to frustrate Bibi,

*First published in the Epoch Times The Federal Reserve has finally awakened to the inflation crisis.  Reported Inflation is nearly as high now as it was when President Reagan took office – actual inflation may well be

After the election of a Republican governor in Virginia, the headlines spoke of the lesson Republicans could learn from that election. Now that San Francisco voters, for the second time this year, have recalled far

The 4th of July is considered to be this Nation's birthday. We live our lives here, earn our living here, raise our children here and most will live out their days in this land. If

Hillary "I Climbed a Mountain" Clinton is racist, as racist as Joe Biden. (Click Here to Read) There are those who say both parties are racist and don't help blacks. Well if that argument holds