California Exposed – by Thomas Del Beccaro and Katy Grimes

Have you noticed California is in the national news these days?

Is it because of technology? The beaches?  Farm production?

The answer is no.  This is the new California – which is Two Californias.

California used to be known for making movies, for Silicon Valley and for being the bread basket of the world.  Today, California is known for its Left wing politics.

The California of today is famous for its homeless problem.

Actually, homelessness has been a problem for many years – along with California’s ranking as #1 in poverty in the Country.  Suddenly, however, the national Media has focused on the issue that the local Media has assiduously ignored for years.  Part of the reason it has come to national attention was the action of activists that exposed the homeless camp in Orange County with a video of that camp.  The video was impossible to ignore.

Why did the local Media ignore it?  Because it didn’t look good for the one-party Democrat rule of the state. Those homeless weren’t the actual issue.  Keeping in power is.

California is frequently in the news for resisting and attacking President Trump.  You would think a state government cared most about its own.  Not in the new California.  Today, Democrat politicians get ahead in California by attacking the Trump Administration.

California’s “leaders,” meaning their Far Left Democrat politicians – from four-term Gov. Jerry Brown, the Assembly and Senate Democrats, the Secretary of State, to the Superintendent of Schools — openly declared war on Donald Trump and his policies the moment he was elected.

Senate President Kevin de Leon, Senator Ricardo Lara and the entire Latino Caucus, vowed to “fight in the streets” against Trump and anyone in his administration who threatened their sanctuary city policies and multitude of programs benefitting illegal aliens.

They filed over two dozen lawsuits against the Trump Administration like Attorney General Xavier Becerra.  Or they warn hardened criminals of an ICE raid as did Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf.

California also is in the news for being a Sanctuary State that has been sued by the Federal Government – on much the same grounds as the Obama Administration sued Arizona.  Of course, this time the Trump Administration is “racist” for pursuing its goal of federal supremacy on the issue of Immigration – while Obama was not.

This new California is choosing the path of Detroit — growing government it can’t afford (state and local government debt is said to exceed $1.3 trillion), allowing fires to burn for months, shorting the middle classes, and hiking taxes – all the while providing shoddy services and crumbling infrastructure in return.

So, welcome to the new California.  Its current “citizens” are being left behind.  Many of those that can are leaving.  To replace them, the California Democrats are fighting virulently for the rights of illegal aliens, which they see as future progressive voters – or for refugees who have yet to come.


Tom Del Beccaro is Author of The Divided Era

Katy Grimes is co-Author of California’s War Against Donald Trump: Who Wins? Who Loses?

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