LA City Council Racism

The recent leak of a recorded conversation among Los Angeles City Council members about redistricting included racist remarks by Councilwoman Nury Martinez has led to calls for her resignation.

Don’t try to deflect this with a “whataboutism” saying the right is no different. Your argument falls on this sword of truth and discernment. Are not those on the left supposed to be the champions of minorities? “THE END” Why apologize? They clearly meant it! They are only sorry it may cost them personally. I don’t sit on the fence with this vexing issue. There are more like this who are Democrats than Republicans. From “gorillas in the midst” (LAPD) to monkeys (LA Council) the city of Angels sucks!

There is a larger reason why this was “Leaked.” Do not let this latina and her despicable cohorts become the face of Latinos. This was a kamikaze act to destroy the gains made in the Latino community with regards to a positive face on the emergence of Latinos in politics. Thank God I know Latinos whom I love like family, I have friends like Jesse Holguin and others. They are good, solid Christian brothers and sisters who are not even close to this woman’s view points. Thank God for Real Lexit and #BLEXIT! Now good, patriotic people have an alternative to the racist, hate filled leftists and Democrats. This terrible phone call isn’t a revelation: it’s just proof of what we on the right have been trying to tell the people all along.

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