Charlie Kirk Goes Racist

Conservative activist Charlie Kirk recently launched a campaign to discredit the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Wow, what a haughty goal to try for Charlie Kirk to deter black voters from “returning” to the Republican party, which was intended for them by President Abraham Lincoln. To have some “White Guy” pull a stunt like this on the memorial of Dr. King Jr, by virtually standing in the doorway likened to Governor Wallace, and hurl such an insult even as blacks blexit (leave the Democrat Party). It is also an odd knife to plant in President Trump’s back as well. Knowing with even a 5% bump in the black vote Trump’s victory would be assured! Am I hearing a dog whistle here? Kirk seems to be trying to confirm the lies of the Democrats who claim the GOP is racist.

“SAINTHOOD” used in this way, on this day, rings like calling Dr. King Jr. “Uppity!” When trying to speak to the people, this “Influencer” could learn a lesson from the civil rights icon. Dr. King was able to speak to all men and spoke to them where they were, not where his ego/hubris was. Right, wrong or otherwise, Kirk’s stunt hurt the recruitment effort to bring blacks back into the republican party. Kimberly Klacik Baltimore may be on to something; was this done to edify or inflame? To self promote or defame? I was born and raised on the Southside of Chicago, and I can tell you how this will come off in the very communities we need to reach.

Now, they will feel they have nowhere to go. Between Charlemagne the God” and the “Porch People,” and now what seems like could be “Charlie and the Cracker Factory,” this was not a good thing to do! Especially on this day. People, please focus on supporting Trump in 2024. God bless the memory of the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, who could have been 95 years old, if he had not chosen that we mattered more than his life. A conservative civil rights activist whose legacy gone unfulfilled because of wokeness.

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