Chicago is a War Zone

It is time to call for the National Guard to clean up Chicago. Of course, those who could call for such help NEVER will. The disdain the left has for black human life is bone chilling. What’s worse than that is how down trodden the black communities are! They are just numb, they’re on life support and just praying they’re not the next to be touched by the “Soul Stealers.”

The wild feral children on the streets let lose on the people as sirens whirl and shots ring out. As this clear and obvious “Meat Puppet for Demons” Mayor Lightfoot barks at any who dare speak truth in its presence. Spewing out insipid factoid lies that Chicago is doing just fine, as the mounting number of corpses and maimed humans pile up in the back drop of those lying deflecting claim, it is ghoulish lies!!

This is the reason she looks like her soul is being eaten by her own lies and the dead cry out for real truth and justice. Mayor Lightfoot the dead have better facts than yours…

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