Mayor Lightfoot Blames Guns for Chicago Violence

Oh, sweet America! Why do you slumber? Evil has made rats nest in our home and they eat away at the very foundation. Awake!!! Blessed America be filled with “Righteous Indignation!” Today one who has benefited from the lofty morals of the Nation is now a Mayor of one our greatest cities in America and yet what dribbled from her mouth was the same tyrannical notes that sparked men into action to forge this very Nation of freedoms. A nation hewn from our flesh, blood, bones treasure, and sacred honors. Awake sweet America for every day with words and deeds the haloed memories of our forefathers and valiant patriots is desecrated when an American public official speaks treason form their high office and we don’t demand removal or rebuke of their reckless and Un-American words.

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot blamed guns and supporters of the Second Amendment for the rash of violence in Chicago. A place so racked with violence many locals now call it Chi-raq.

What this disgusting person represents let it not be the new stamp of who America has become! The NRA came to the aid of free blacks when wicked white democrats donned their white sheets to deprive them of their newly earned rights under the 13th, 14th, & 15th Amendments. To see this person who by her very personage, set of beliefs, and “Identifiers” shows the truth of America and our aim to be an all inclusive Nation. A good Nation that would see someone like her in a position of power and authority, only to see her abuse that same honor and power. Our silence isn’t another tribute to how noble we are, it is a fools posture. There are times when someone can go too far!

Mayor Lightfoot has waded into deep waters that should see her political career drown at this point. If she finds buoyancy in her traitorous words, she will swim in our liberties doing the back stroke and then beckon all those like her along with the Marxist, the socialist and other enemies of our Nation. She will say, “Come on in,, the water is fine…” I am a long time member of the NRA , an ADOS. I have gleaned as much wheat of freedom as I can using the cards life has dealt me and am living a good life full of my freedoms even if I have failed innards of my life. Still I am free to do so, America is not a racist Nation! But yes, sadly racist do live among us. What an irony that as she spews all this hatred and division, slanders and libels America. As a black man born and raised on the Southside of Chicago in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s I can tell you how important it is that ordinary citizens be armed.

So, like Charleston Heston I stand and say, “From My Cold Dead Hands!”

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