Disrespecting the Flag

Could it be, that the conditioning is just too great in some? Are they beyond our ability to save them? I once made a meme that said; “America believes in freedom so much we will allow a vote to be enslaved”…

Freedom and chaos are twins, they are hard to tell apart. Its only when they speak that you can tell one from the other. But by the time we hear them speak we may have let chaos get too close. America needs to reboot, in order to do that. We have to accept some may have to get the boot, these deeply conditioned misanthropes aren’t Americans.

As a Nation of immigrants, and everything you can imagine, we are bound together by our sacred oath to one another. Those conditioned by the left stand alone before the world, not in a high ideal for America but in protest of America. In doing so, they denounce America and their allegiance to it. It is therefore folly to expect their loyalty to us; they are not with us.

When America can accept this truth and treat these are “traitors” we will see less of them. Because children will see less of them on TV, we see less of their violence, and they will slowly fade from our consciousness. Failure to punish Gwen Berry for her gross disrespect of this Nation, when she turned away from our flag and refused to solute will only encourage more of the same.

This must not be regarded merely as freedom of speech, especially while President Trump is banned from social media platforms. If it feels like things are getting worse, well they are. Because we haven’t taken action yet…

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