Facial Recognition and Racism

Hi everyone, let’s give this a try and see if it sticks,, how many of you have seen my video YouTube: America Time’s Almost Up? In that video I warned years ago of this plan to use TikTok, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and the revised infused multinational police to ultimately subjugate black America all over again with the blessings of the Democrats! The very people most blacks blindly support. Remember that video? Since airing the number of times AI / Facial recognition has been used primarily against blacks to restrict access to public places is on the rise.

I warned that blacks helping racist Democrats to overturn this Republic in favor of the “Fundamental Transformation to a ‘Democracy'” would not work out well for blacks. After being in these lands for nearly 400 years, we still barely comprise 13% of this Nations population, how in the hell does Democracy work for us?! I digress, the leviathan will not attack until all tentacles surround you and it is sure you can not escape its grip. So methodically it has creeped up on us, so slowly that not even the racially astute hyper sensitive “Le Bum” James sees this pass coming. One of the bugs they’re desperately trying to fix, one glitch in their facial recognition is, pixelation. Sadly, and ironically, black features all look the same to AI / facial recognition. Scroll through my works and you will see I warned of this, too! Then it happened: an accidental misfire by of all places FACEBOOK! It accidentally unleashed a piece of AI that matched black faces with gorillas.

I said this was no accident! Someone tried to do black humans a favor and let them know what is being constructed (through trial and error). See that is part of the problem, not that they really care that the subject is black as the goal is to subjugate all blacks and others too with cyber shackles (Social credit). Yet it is still important to know who it is AI / Facial Recognition has in its sights. So how do you calibrate this dark feature glitch? Well you can’t ask black humans to let you practice on them! The viral suspicion issues, Tuskegee, all would come to mind and the leviathan would be seen and maybe lose its prey. So how to solve the black face issue?

Well you do what science has always done you use animals or in this case mammals. We use pigs and rats who mimic humans in some ways. So to solve the black face anomaly they use seals, they have black faces with varying features. So quietly, they are perfecting the system all under the guise of saving wildlife. But as with any scientific break through, its discoveries can be applied in many different areas. Say for example perfecting the black face issues of AI when used on black humans. I have done my best, I will continue to “Open My Mouth.” Even if what I share isn’t used as a clarion. Maybe it will be used as a chronicle in future times. So none can deny that some saw, some knew, and dared to warn the people.

America you have your warnings! Stop sitting around! Start working on becoming unified a cohesive mindset that’s Action oriented, while you still can.

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