Happy Fathers Day to All Fathers, Don’t Lose Faith!

There are those who have being a Father unlocked and wide open and yet won’t walk through that door. There are others who would gladly walk through that door, but find it closed and sealed tight! There are still others who enjoy the blessings of being an unhindered / undeterred Father and would look down their noses at those who fail to do the role of Father right, never knowing if that door was opened or closed… To “All” the “Non Custodial” Dads out there who know the uphill battles many will NEVER understand, remember this: “Yes some are dead beat dads, bit some are dads who were beat dead”~ Ken White

Never resign from the truth: “You are Father’s too…” I want to say “Happy Father’s Day, but I, too, know full well as countless Father’s Days have silently passed by, there’s nothing to be happy about. Let me share the “Good News” with you my brethren! Often I heard people tell me: “Don’t worry they will come around, eventually kids figure it out.” Let me tell you some do, they out grow their issues / conditioning and realize “You are the monster” they heard about. Yes there are some that still cast “alienated fathers” into the shadows, those kids are good but unforgiving people who fail to realize regardless of the past each day the sun rises is another day to forgive, to move beyond the anger, bitterness and apathy. For these good people to bring an alienated Father out of the shadows would take a God, all will need the help of Jesus Christ to shine His loving light and blast away all shadows taking all errors, all sins and cast them into the sea of forgetfulness. Thereby allowing all to be seen completely and clearly, Amen!

I started by speaking of doors, allow me to conclude with doors: I look at alienated fathers and their children as being in a hotel with adjoining rooms. Fathers NEVER close your door even if their door is closed. They can see under the door of your light is on or off. They can see you moving about, maybe one day they will open their side of the adjoining doors. But NEVER let them open their door to a closed door on your side. You see, loving Father’s don’t do that and even if in a moment of frustration you do close your door, calm your hurting heart and open it back up as soon as you can. Fathers stand vigilant, ready, loving, and prepared even if it’s on the otherwise of a closed door. One day that door will open until then, prepare, repair and work on being the best version of you, Amen. Don’t let one day define you, God knows your heart and who you are is not easily defined in a day.

I’m sharing this video with you because Nothing is an accident, meet this Father. A man named Peter two days before Father’s Day. I hope everyone can get something from this message. If you want to help Peter out, find him at: [email protected],

Thank you and Happy Father’s Day…

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