Happy Father’s Day

Fatherhood can operate on many levels , so no matter what level you are on, please ensure that you are present, loving, instructive and consistent. There are many young people in your life in some way, some may not have the same DNA as you, yet to some degree you are like a father to them, blood didn’t make that happen, love did.





Evangelical Redeemer

Be these things unto someone and you too are a FATHER. My journey through the realm of Fatherhood has taken many turns so I say this to those who need to hear this; If today your phone isn’t ringing, your text aren’t coming, the post aren’t on your page wishing you a Happy Father’s day, few will ever understand the depths of your pain, be it to no fault of your own or perhaps you contributed to this absence of love and respect, put your faith in Jesus Christ, he is ever faithful, his love endures, He will Teach you the truth the life and the way, He will make a way out of No way, let Him minister to your spirit and Redeem your soul, Amen?! brothers if you can do that He will cast your sins into the Sea of forgetfulness, you will come to know a peace that surpasses all understanding, and in that you will be groomed into a Father,, fathers forgive, fathers set the example of love Amen. And now my brothers let me end with a praise report,, there were too many silent Father’s Day in my past and one day an old man told me, he said “Kenny they do come back”, I almost wanted to punch him for saying that to me back then,, well that was almost 20 years ago, since then I have given my life over to Jesus Christ and now I am a work in progress, but here’s the good news Brothers,, they do come back !! Believe me, You will see and what we must do is get ready, so while it’s silent this is your rebuilding time, jettison all the anger, pain and frustrations and be ready so that when they come back, and they will liken to the father of the prodigal son, you will run down the road meeting them half way and be so glad to see them and with your new life in christ , they will be glad to see you too, for who ever sees the son sees the father.

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