Hillary Clinton’s Racist Attack on Justice Thomas

Hillary “I Climbed a Mountain” Clinton is racist, as racist as Joe Biden. (Click Here to Read) There are those who say both parties are racist and don’t help blacks. Well if that argument holds water, why can’t leftist blacks see the equivalence in white democrats as easily as they can charge President Trump with being racist? The Democrat party has hated Justice Clarence Thomas a long time. Joe Biden’s treatment of him during his SCOTUS confirmation could be used to teach a class in bigotry 101. They hate this black man because he dares to live his life as a man, not a reduced version of living as a victim from a particular race aka “A black man.” He lives simply as a man, a concept that seems offensive to some blacks.

Justice Thomas understands the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments and stands on them firmly as an American. To the members of the Democrat party that gave birth to the KKK, he is their worse nightmare come to life! So it’s no mistake that the left has managed to make Justice Thomas the poster boy (Man), for the overturning of Roe V Wade. It is a twofer, now they get to say anything they want about the SCOTUS because the anger is aimed at a black man. They enjoy the support of such disgusting blacks as Lori “light in the loafers” Lightfoot saying “F* Clarence Thomas” amid threats on his life? Irony, after all she’s accustomed to black on black assaults and violence, disrespecting this man is easy for her. In fact she relishes the idea.

So while all these black stars, athletes, TV and radio personalities perform as the White liberals want them too, little snipets of racism, hatred and bigotry drivel from the lips of their white leaders and sadly not one black shall speak on it. They will simply parrot the mantra “F* Clarence Thomas!” A man with a lifetime of service and distinction who would bring credit to any race he belonged too. I offer this article on Hillary Rodham Clinton in evidence, Democrats have dog whistles too. Black America: this is a kinder slightly more subtle way of continuing the attack on Justice Clarence Thomas that Joe Biden started many years ago. “A high tech lynching” if you will, but this time even conditioned blacks look on and cheer as Hillary Clinton just called Justice Thomas an “Uppity N” again…

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