Indigenous Model Felt Isolated at Leftist Gala

Quannah Chasinghorse, 19, said she felt she didn’t belong at the 2021 American-themed Met Gala.

Well well well… But they sure saw AOC in her tasteless “Tax the Rich” Dress? Who really shouldn’t have been there as a member of congress. All the beautiful woke people who say the “white man lives on stolen land” and none cared to meet & greet an “Indigenous person.”

I say person because some from the gala may read this and complain I didn’t use the right pronoun; this says a great deal. You know like in the 70’s that EPA PSA that shows “Iron Eyes Cody” shedding a tear as ironically leftists polluted his Native land.

So now in the 21st century there stands an Indian princess among these woke people and no one would even see her if she did shed a tear. So much for leftist Galas, once again the hypocrisy of the left is exposed as TRASH. America please pay attention!

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