Injustice for Trump in Georgia is Injustice Everywhere!

Those disgusting ignoramuses who are duplicitous with their true prisoners are really taking this to new heights! Che Alexander is the Fulton County Clerk who “accidentally” posted a court document with Trump indictments prior to the Grand Jury actually voting to issue those indictments. Her (dog whistle) words were meant to shield her crime by nuancing her blackness! OUR blackness!

What those in Georgia are doing, mark my words, will have a powerful backlash on the entire black community! HOW DARE WE PLEAD FOR, ASK FOR, IN FACT, DEMAND JUSTICE FOR OURSELVES! When once members of our community attain even a measure of power, they turn out to be the corrupt?! Become the abusers of Justice?! This insipid statement from her, and the grand jury’s actions as a legal body, these indictments make a mockery of the entire civil rights movement! Damn them all to hell for this! I hope the money they will receive is worth it! Because they’re about to cost the black community more than their they can calculate!

Then again, when has that ever stopped race hustling, ideologues who are deeply conditioned by the white democrat racists?! They only care about what they perceive is JUSTICE?! The world is watching and looking for that content of character blacks said should be the measure of a man. Oh, scratch that of a human!

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