Jimmy Kimmel is Killain

Often times you have heard me muse; “Does life imitate art or does art imitate life?”, years ago I tried to warn about the grooming of Jimmy Kimmel by the New World Order (NWO), if any of you have seen movie titled: “The Running Man.” In this movie is a villain, a TV Emcee named Killian. This archetype is exactly who Jimmy Kimmel has become in the real. As Hollywood shows us they no longer want to respond to the will of the people rather they want to end the will of the people to their views and March ahead with their woke agenda. They need a Killian in their despotic ambition. Voila! Enters “The Town Cryer” Jimmy Kimmel.

I posted earlier today that the Red Carpet of the Oscars for now was being done away with and that the act was a low key act of Racism; the mockery and pillory of the banished Will Smith shed light on my point. And did you know that beige, aka creme colors, are a symbol of Racism? That’s not me saying it, it’s straight from the WOKE themselves. They, the WOKE, view those nude colors as; you got it “racist.” Cream Beige and Nude colors are racist.

And yet as an act of cleansing they decided to use the color creme this year on the heels of blacks behaving so poorly last year. Coincidence? Only if you don’t understand the people we are dealing with. And so that brings me to sharing a podcast I made years ago to warn of these days. It is entitled: “Kimmel is Killian.” Now I see why I was given to make this podcast episode. I used to think when I am bid to “Open My Mouth,” what I speak would have immediate relevance. However, when dealing with the alpha and omega one, time and space fades a bit. So now, years later, this podcast has even more relevance than it did when I made it. Ladies and gentlemen allow me to share my podcast with you.

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