Biden’s Racial Slur is Indefensible

At a recent Hip Hop event, President Joe Biden referred to musician and actor LL Cool J as a “boy,” a racial slur for African-American men.

MC Lyte recently defended Joe Biden’s apparent racial slur against LL Cool J.

What Joe Biden (aka Joe Burden) immortalized at the 50th Anniversary of HIP HOP is this: “doesn’t matter what your name is, you will always be a boy to me.” I still admire MC Lyte, but to see her stump for an uber Bigot, racist, traitor like Joe Biden is very disappointing! In fact, because it’s this kind of Gate Keeper mentality that has kept the black race in perpetual disarray, she has lost some credibility in my view…

I have watched Joe Biden for his entire political career. Over 45 years, longer than most Americans have been alive. So allow me to correct MC Lyte’s assessment and if not her assessment, let me set this straight for those you who might be mislead. No!! Joe Biden meant the pejorative tone of “Boy.” Biden was in the company of a black organization, as a white man, with Biden’s history. He can barely speak the “Man’s” name correctly. Yet “Boy” rings loud and clear.

I have had a crush on you since forever MC Lyte! I see you as beautiful, Intelligent and a source of light! Now my heart weight heavy due to your Ugly words that clearly weren’t well thought out. Blacks with a platform must stop coddling racist, white democrats and making our path to destruction palatable.

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