Ketanji Jackson’s Confirmation Hearings Expose Extremism

The questions put forth to her by some Republicans have exposed her and did it without the disgusting attacks the Democrats visited upon Justice Kavanaugh. Her character and “Secret Ambitions” are exposed, yet sadly she will be confirmed and America will be diminished a bit more. She has “Personal Religious and otherwise beliefs” that she is willing to set aside for the law?!

I thought America was founded for a Moral and Just people not hypocrites! With the black community being decimated by abortion, this “Woman” can set aside her beliefs? I ask the Senate to reject her and what she hopes to unleash on America. When you consider that more black babies are aborted than born in New York State and this “Woman” is being propelled to SCOTUS, her answers over the last two days are exactly why she must not be confirmed. In her we can see why our Nation is ailing, the cure is in rejecting her! Watch the Southside Unicorn Show for more commentary.

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