Legislating from the NFL

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As I said last week after the FBI declared moms domestic terrorists. The FBI has become the “Tonton Macoute,” (a reference to a Haitian paramilitary secret police organization) now we see more evidence of this rearing its ugly head in the NFL. All of the teams, “The Raiders” of course! We now see the FBI running defense for team Woke as they pass off to the media classified information to distract from more important issues and perpetuate their corrosive narrative of Racism, they get so much yardage from making that play.

Now the season opens with the banner of Racism flying from a billion dollar stadium packed full of those who care more about a damned game than their country and their children’s future. So on the heels of what has happened with Coach Grunden, personal opinions and thoughts are criminalized as the Coliseum dwellers cheer these crimes on as if it were the days of Rome and Christians were being fed to the lions.

I could argue in his case there was unlawful search and seizure and violation of his civil rights, subversion all these and more could be argued. Why bother?! The lines to pack stadiums are long, that means these things don’t matter and the new Tonton Macoute knows it. Rights are trampled and privacy be damned! Each civil rights violation is like flesh being ripped from the bones of liberty by this Rogue (red) Government.

Still the crowd cheers and demand “Get me another beer!” As many of you know I barely survived COVID-19 so my content needs to be updated and I will add new content soon. I also see why the Lord Bid me, do the shows Kenny even if no one listens, do them for one day these shows will be in evidence of the Prophesies I did give unto you.

As I look back over my library of shows I realize some were made for now even though I was speaking on these issues that didn’t exist two and five years ago. So in evidence of the prophetic word of God, for those who will listen, I share with you a show made in 2019 that is more relevant now than on the day It was made. (See link at the beginning of the article).

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