Race Baiting and Law Enforcement

Those of you who know me know I DO NOT do the race thing! I live my life as a person not as a color and I see others the same way. If race becomes a primer for the fair application of justice it sometimes has to be looked at with a fair and sober eye as a possible factor. There was an incident where the cops arrested a bunch of teens in a car the other day, out of honest curiosity I asked the question: “what is the ethnicity and or race of the teens?” Some of the responses to my query actually started to piss me off!! People acting like I was “Race Baiting” or that the police were above reproach! Original post from two days ago.

I was Born and raised on Chicago’s Southside when it comes to cops I have seen somethings! I have been a military and civilian police officer. I know the industry and because I do, I am more inclined to Back The Blue than not support them good, bad or ugly we need a form of Law Enforcement. In that original story a few days ago, I was secretly hoping that the teens were minorities, so I could promote the positive idea that, even in a clear shoot scenario the cops didn’t shoot! To dispel the perception cops are Hunting blacks! Then the very next day my friend Mo’Kelly from KFI AM640 along with D.L Hugley and Collin Kaepernick hit me in the face with this! The challenges of life as a black man, who has faith in this Nation, who believes the GOP is a better choice than the democrats, who advocates for Law enforcement and the GOP, when I think of all those the other day who tried to put me down for even daring to ask “what color were the teens;” trying to fill me with the BS of: “It doesn’t matter what color they were.” Now to be faced with this story! I still believe young people need to “Comply , Comply, Comply!” when contacted by law enforcement and yet here we are with this story in our faces less than a day later! It sure can make one feel some kind of way…

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