Racial Tensions and the Woke Skillet

The incident in Florida is sad and horrible, on the heels of the anniversary of Dr.King Jr’s great speech it’s even more painful. A white man with a gun sporting a swastika, entered a store and shot three black individuals. He also shot at several others inside and near the store before committing suicide. Evidence suggests he had a long history of racism and mental illness.

As we seek to understand this cowardly and ugly act, we must look at all factors and all things that may have contributed to this. While ultimately the blame rests with anyone who decides to do something like this, there are inescapable factors. Race can be a motivator in hate crimes, but it can not be the influence on us in how we seek to remedy this blight on our society. To be clear in our focus we must not see this as white kills blacks, because the recipients of hate crimes aren’t all exclusively black. All races have been the victims of hate crimes, even one’s religion can spur on attacks from those who don’t agree with that religion.

America was once called the Great Melting pot. A way of saying we should all melt into one another and become a blended stew or soup of coexistence. To melt suggests a mild temperature so as to soften the ingredients enough to accept and flow into one another. The concept is in keeping with the great vision and wisdom of our founding. But sadly, evil has a way of usurping lofty ideals and perverting them, abusing them, and ruining them even scorching them if you will. Race has become a primary weapon in the arsenal of those who want to spoil America and transform our nation. So they transform our Melting Pot into a skillet and turned the heat up on high with CRT, 1619, Gender issues, corruption in our government, so incredible it’s mind numbing!

Our economy turned against us, our borders felled, certain races being told they’re wicked simply because of the color of their skin! Now pour all that into a skillet over the American people, turn on high heat with commercials steeped in socially woke messages and media propaganda. Marxists operating in our government halls, with all that those at the bottom of the skillet will eventually scorch and they will pop like popcorn! Exploding and spewing the contents of the skillet everywhere. This is actually part of the plan to promote the transformation of our nation. This current climate in our nation will only draw out the infirm, the mentality fragile first and they will explode like popcorn. As we know, the longer the corn stays on high heat in a skillet, the more kernels will pop! When we look at this sad incident, let us be honest with ourselves as to why this happened. Understanding what contributed to this horror will help us find the dial and turn down the heat! Take the woke skillet off the stove, put our great Melting pot back in place and simmer things back down.

Condolences to all the families and friends of those who were lost in this terrible event. We owe it to them to reduce the chances of this boiling over… “America was meant to be, “The Great Melting Pot” The WOKE have turned it into a skillet, no wonder the corn amongst us is popping” ~ K.WHITE

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