Russia Invades Ukraine

by kenneth White

Many times you have heard me say it: “Does life imitate art or does art imitate life?” I am a big 24 fan, in one season President Logan realizes and admits he is out of his depths, so with wise advise he relents and calls for President Palmer to come help him. That places the safety of the world above his own petty ego. Oh if only that were true in the real world, if only Joe Biden was sincere about uniting this Nation. Then party politics would fall away and this man who is clearly out of his depths dealing with the likes of Xi Xing Ping and Vladimir Putin.

From the TV Series 24 (Courtesy Fox)

Biden would pick up the phone and call his “Fellow American” and Former President: The Great President Trump. He would invite him to the White House for a consultation on these trying moments. That act alone could spare countless lives across the globe and give Putin reason to pause and china a solid warning that we are still united; but no! Not Joe Biden. His ineptitude and partisan hackery defies even the worse character we could imagine in a TV series! And Joe Biden is the one that we can’t turn off! To our continued loss, as he gleefully explains to the world “Americans will suffer,” the horror of this all is: Joe Biden and Putin are real….

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