The Blood of Ukraine is on the Democrats’ Hands

What’s happening in the Ukraine ?? is sickening and wrong, but in order to stop it, in order to ensure it doesn’t happen again, we must accept and understand the root cause of this bloody aggressive attack on the Ukraine. There are wild animals all about us everyday, that’s why we lock our doors use fences. That is why we have weapons and domesticated animals to help ward off the wild dangerous ones. There have always been men like Vladimir Putin, there will always be men like Kim Jong Un or Xi Jinping, what keeps the world from being devoured by them are men of action with conviction and the power and resolve to punish them for their misbehavior.

When President Trump first got wind of the Barisma nightmare, he tried to protect American Honor and prestige around the world by exposing the alleged corruption of the Biden family. Like a pack of wild hyenas, Pelosi, Schumer and Schiff attacked President Trump thwarting any chance of exposing this cabal, thereby making it easy for the left and its corrupt voting process to insert Joe Biden into the White House today. So respectfully, until we are willing to declare how the invasion of the Ukraine happened, I don’t want to hear anymore about how many died or how terrible it is. If we’re just going to allow the left’s propaganda machine to lie to us and deflect the blame from the truest culprits (Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and Adam Schiff and an assortment of other minor characters) not solely Vladimir Putin; until the proper amount of blame and exposure finds them; stop trying to move the American people with passion play.

At minimum these three share a “Vicarious Liabilty” for the death and destruction in the Ukraine and if the blood of the innocent really matters, seek justice for them everywhere even if it takes us to Washington D.C. After all, President Trump understood his investigation could lead us there, so we seem to have come full circle back to those responsible…

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