The “Cream” of our Wasted Crops

America what has happened to you?! Where did you go? Our “Enemies” grow bolder in their daring, they molest our children before our eyes as they try to ruin even more crops of our young creating many spiritually disfigured generations in their wake! On September, 11th 2001 a salvo of a generational war was unleashed on us in of all places New York and elsewhere. Even as our enemies cheered over our misfortune, the radical Islamists were teaching their toddlers to hate America, ensuring a continued generation of killers average age 20 to 25 to replenish their ranks. Just like the ones who parachuted into Israel 07, Oct, 2023. Our colleges are cesspools of Wasted Crops as we stand by and allow this horror to play out on these innocent minds we place before their alter, the sins we allow in the present shall become our consequences in the future!

Looking at these poor children I shutter to imagine who they will be when they are 20 to 25 years old! May God forgive us for allowing this!

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