The Missing Father

by kenneth White

Don’t be so quick to judge the absent father, not all are “Dead Beat Dads” some are dads who were beat dead. Pray for healing of the American family and families around the world. Sometimes it is necessary for parents to separate and live separate lives it can ultimately be the best solution to an impossible situation, when normal man finds it best to leave, he is not leaving his children, yet his punishment can be the loss of his rights and access to those children.

We as a society make ourselves feel better in what we show the world as our value system, by judging what other people do, we look at the surface of broken families, the cultural idea that mom is the paragon of virtue and the father well he is just a “Sperm Donor,” “Disneyland Dad” etc, in our mere human understanding we can inadvertently harm children with our tongues that can speak both life and death into a situation. For you see once the spark of life occurs in a fertilized egg, neither parent has a greater genetic bond to a child, God in His infinite wisdom creates life with 23 chromosomes from the mom and 23 chromosomes from the dad, it is Heaven’s way of judging the matter and saying both have equal responsibility and rights.

There are countless fathers who commit suicide every week because this soul vexing issue proves too much. It is a soul ripper and can even cause weaker men to take the lives of others, we all desire loving peaceful solutions to this issue that affects all of society and future generations, but it can’t and will not help by chastising the fathers who have come short in life’s most important area, love, help, compassion, and teaching can do a lot more. There are many fathers who will languish the rest of their lives in a new form of “Debtors Prison” we call the child support system. While supporting a child is a moral imperative and eases the social & financial burden on society, we would do a greater turn for the children if we didn’t place such a premium on this, if we didn’t welcome strangers into the nucleus with cold ambitions of merely making daddy pay or punish him with draconian restrictions that only make it harder to parent.

Larry Elder reminds us how important the father is to inner city kids, well first and and peripheral there’s many reasons a father isn’t in the home and sometimes it’s not his fault.

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