The Racist Hypocrisy of the Left

Ooookay black America let’s make this one easy as hell! Let’s see if anyone from the Gavin Newsom Democrat supporting side with have “Cognitive Dissonance!” Question: would you consider Facebook a right-wing organization? No…? Well just a few days ago they got busted using Gorilla effigy to represent black men! Oh sure they “Apologized,” but it happened and it was known.

Second Question: does that fair skinned Latina or white woman in the gorilla mask appear to be a MAGA person or is it more likely she is a Leftist / Antifa / Democrat type? Hmmm… So here we have two incidents where someone clearly left Leaning and white has done something blatantly racist. If President Donald J Trump had “Accidentally” posted a Gorilla scene portraying black men, BLM would be at all his sites including the ones over seas and demanding some kind of money.

If that woman hurling eggs was a MAGA supporter throwing eggs at Maxine waters we would be lucky if riots didn’t ensue. So black America which is it? America suffers from Systemic racism? Or racism is okay with you so long as it’s your white people doing it towards blacks you don’t like? These incidents and your silence mark you as either frauds, cowards, hypocrites or worse “porch folk” or all of the above. If your false charges of racism towards Christian Conservative whites in large are to be respected, your silence here invalidates your claim. As Dr. Martin Luther King Jr said; “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”~ Dr. KING Jr.

Now, the white Conservative leadership is not totally off the hook either! The lack of financial support for Larry Elder (Security aid and ads) is disgusting has no basis in financial stratagem. It wreaks of RINO Rinse and yes racism. Shame on you too! It’s like Larry Elder is fighting both sides!!! When WE THE PEOPLE CAN SEE HE IS OUR BEST HOPE!

Maybe that’s it, maybe both sides leftist and leading RINOs all want Larry Elder to fail, because like President Trump, he represents the best hope for America and Americans.

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