The Oscars: America’s Oligarchs

With great respect for the loss of life in these terrible days of conflict between Russia and the Ukraine, the issues that surround Ukraine spanning back to the Trump Presidency and before added to the odd seasons of aggression from Russia that only seem to happen when America is under Democrat party control; we can’t help but have a bit of skepticism about what we see playing out now. Regrading corruption, two years later we learn that Hunter Biden’s Laptop is real, it was the Social Media complex that hid this from the American people to prevent us from being a well informed people.

Now the leader of Ukraine President Zelenskyy is set to appear on of all things, “The Oscars”?! , once again this is a source of Incredulity for the American people, given the damage the institution of Hollywood has wreaked on America’s social discourse, the shaping of narratives contrary to our “Cultural Norms” and Constitution. This is not the place we want to see a world leader speaking to us about political issues! The nexus this draws only reinforces our mistrust in those we could consider to be our own kind of oligarchy, so if or when President Zelenskyy takes to this ailing stage know this: it will be an echo chamber to a group liken to Putin’s own oligarchy except one that President Zelenskyy has a relationship with this time.

Because in the minds of Americans all we will hear is this “And the Award for the best actor in a war movie goes to Zelenskyy” that’s what we will hear as many Americans are already saying.

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