Heartbreaking Race Violence

A 15 year-old girl identified only as “Kaylee” was recently beaten severely by a group of other teens. She will suffer severe brain damage.

This breaks my heart! The child did not deserve to be beaten like that! Her parents are now in a realm no parent would ever want to be in. The attacker, how sad that her life is so bereft and damaged that she can perpetrate such violence. The attacker’s parents are now in a realm no parent would want to be in. Prayers going up for all. These savage attacks where race is a factor, more often than not have blacks being the aggressor. Is it nature or nurturing that aids in making this happen? Perhaps environment and cultural influences play a factor? If so then lets look at this issue. The conservative, faith based persons, those the left want to smear with an insipid term calling us “Christian Nationalists,” teach our children to love thy neighbor and do unto others as you would want done unto you. Who would want this done to them?

Now lets look at the other possible influences at play here: the left teaches children, even those that don’t belong to them, about CRT (Critical Race Theory), systemic racism and that whites are colonizers, evil, and even the devil. Which of these philosophies was more likely to have influenced this attacker? Dr.Martin Luther King Jr. challenged the world: “not to judge people by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” When he was assassinated, those words galvanized America and we made great strides to see little black boys and white boys, black girls and white girls living and playing together peacefully. It would seem some wicked force is at play to create a world opposite that of the “The Dreamer.” In it’s place, this evil force has ushered our children into some kind of despotic nightmare called progressivism.

As if to mock Dr.King Jr.’s sage words, the main stream media and the left poison youth who otherwise should be living the dream. They are now corrupted, poisoned in their minds and hearts thereby spoiling their truest potential. Evil has now created an environment where if the character of a person is the measure used, we will find their character sorely lacking. What follows when this is found to be true in more black children? Will anyone care if its nature or nurture, as the victim’s family take turns watching vigil over their loved one’s mangled body in the ER? Soon evil will succeed in removing reason and consequences shall follow. And while the kibosh may fall upon black heads, not even the use of the “Race Card” will shield them. Evil will smile and shrink back into the shadows, leaving men to the nightmare that is “The Woke.” Be it weeks, months, or decades and after of untold injuries, deaths and misery mixed with smell of smoke that chokes the world? Someone will lay down to steal a moment’s rest and have a dream of a Nation where everyone lived in peace and acceptance; where petty differences will cease to matter so much. Asking for prayers for our children, our Nation and our world. Lord Jesus hear our prayers, Amen.

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