Across the United States, protests have erupted, led, in part, by the organization called Black Lives Matter. Why does this organization only protest the deaths

The shutdown of the American economy has proven to be both unnecessary and harmful to the American people. It was undertaken to “flatten the curve”

On Tuesday, November 3rd, 2020 we, as a nation, will engage the most critical election in American history. The results of our votes will determine

Hi. I’m Allie, and I am 10 years old and one of your average kids. I am in the 5th grade and like most kids in America, if not around the

Early computer models predicted the Wuhan Virus (Cornonavirus/ COVID-19) could cost the lives of over 2 million Americans. With these predictions and a fast rising

Israel is forming a unity government to address the crisis brought on by the Wuhan Virus. Israel has held three inconclusive elections in the last